Marketing Guide

In addition to price, marketing your home is one of the most important strategies we employ to sell your home. Recently, we have introduced an exciting new look to our marketing program. Years in the making, we have designed and developed our exclusive Platinum Marketing Guide and launched a fresh new look for my advertising (including this website!) that is more effective and compelling. As always, our goal is to expose the property to as many buyers as possible in the least amount of time. Listed are just some of the strategies we utilize to market your home effectively to achieve the highest price possible.


The following is just a brief snapshot taken from our exclusive Platinum Marketing Guide. To learn more about our complete marketing plan, please contact us to request a copy.


Commonly known as a CMA, the report will assess your property’s value by examining similar properties that have sold within the past 6 months. We also examine similar properties that are currently for sale. The CMA is crucial to an effective marketing plan as it is used to determine the best listing price of your home. A CMA may also be completed for a Buyer of a property.

Before buying a home, Buyers may request a CMA to determine the values of homes that have sold recently in the area to ensure that the price is fair. A CMA should not be confused with a formal appraisal of a home which is typically conducted by banks for financing (mortgages) and local municipalities to determine assessed values for property tax purposes.


“A large majority of people looking for homes start their search on the internet.”

It all starts with making a first good impression. With such a large selection of homes to look at on the MLS, people are looking for a simple way to shrink that list down quickly…and photo’s is the first way they do it. We use a professional photographer for every listing to ensure your home looks great to potential buyers.

The “Video Listing”—don’t think you need it to promote your property? In 2009 for example, 14.8 BILLION videos were viewed over the Internet worldwide. 147 million Internet users watched video in the same period. That’s an average of 101 videos per viewer!


An emagazine is an online publication that is a digital version of your print feature magazine. Buyers are rewarded with an entirely new and unique experience every time they open your emagazine. Rather than looking at the flat, featureless appearance of a PDF file, buyers can participate in a interactive experience by also accessing videos and websites within the emagazine! Users can access links making navigation easy and efficient, all without ever leaving the emagazine.

The emagazine also has its own address link making it available on the internet from any computer. It also makes it very easy to email to perspective buyers.